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BPM Introduction
Question #1: Which statements are part of the business process definition?
Question #2: What kind of process is focused on meeting the client’s needs?
Question #3: What kind of process is focused on supporting primary processes?
Question #4: What kind of process is used to manage organizational processes?
Question #5: A good business process should be limited to the internal environment of the organization.
Question #6: What is a business function?
Question #7: Which options represent an example of a process instance?

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  • Alessandra Sousa
    June 4, 2021 5:35 pm

    could be put two alternatives possible on the answers

    • Hi Alessandra, thanks for the comment. What alternative/question are you referring to?

    • I am not sure to understand your question, if it is about the exclusive gateways, yes you can put two alternative answers, even more, but you can chose only one way.


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