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Questão #1: What is the limit of output flows in an Exclusive Gateway?
Questão #2: As with parallel flows, it is recommended that exclusive gateways always have a conversion and synchronization gateway.
Questão #3: Default flows are recommended for exclusive gateways, especially if there are more than 2 output flows. This will make the flow more consistent.
Questão #4: What can we say about the terms "Deviation" and "Decision"?
Questão #5: What is the main difference between an inclusive gateway and a parallel gateway?
Questão #6: What is the concurrent unit called in BPMN diagrams?
Questão #7: Gateways can be used to start processes.
Questão #8: Which gateway can we add in a pool to await a message from another pool?
Questão #9: What is the best practice for naming Exclusive Gateways?

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