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Question #1: User tasks represent the work performed with the support of an information system.
Question #2: This type of task represents work that should not be controlled in an information system
Question #3: Service tasks represent the processing of a task in an external information system and usually use web service technology to make the call.
Question #4: The following type represents
Question #5: Which of the following sets is used to exchange messages between participants?
Question #6: What does the envelope icon of the following task mean?
Question #7: List 2 good labels for user-type tasks.
Question #8: List 2 good labels for sending tasks.

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  • Vasanth Senthamarai Kannan
    September 4, 2019 12:57 am

    You guys are amazing very good content I am thoroughly enjoying it, thanks for make it simple and understandable

    July 9, 2019 3:04 am

    Hi. In the process example, why is “send purchase order” a user task and not a send task?

    • Hi Sifelani, It depends on the meaning of this task. If the purchasing clerk has to send de PO to the requester inside the company then the current design is correct. In this case the verb “send” does not require the send task. But, if the PO is sent to the provider you can use a send task AND you have to add a message to the second pool. Thank you for the excellent question.


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